Skyguard G.C. is the Right Contractor For Your Home Remodeling Project!!

Skyguard G.C. will make sure there is no surprise with your remodeling project.

Everyone has heard the expression, “You get what you pay for.”Skyguard G.C. gives you over and above what you would expect with a contractor. This saying is never more relevant than when you’re planning a home improvement or ​remodelin​g project that involves hiring a contractor. Going by price alone increases the risk of project failure and can lead to higher costs down the road. At skyguard we guarantee this will not happen!

With the proper planning and a Skyguard Contactor, you can be assured of a job well done at a reasonable cost. Remember that home improvement or remodeling can be a fun experience for both you and your family. You should always choose the contractor you feel most comfortable working with. At Skyguard our first and main concern is your comfort and trust .

Here are 6 tips to get the most out of your contractor and next home improvement project:

1. Connect with your contractor

The right person for the job will be easy to talk to. Make sure you see eye to eye by ​hiring a contractor​ that understands your goals and has experience in the type of job you are looking for. Communication is key for all . projects, so insist on regular contact by email, phone or text messages. Allow the work crew to manage their day-to-day work, but set up a weekly face-to-face update from the foreman.

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2. Understand that price reflects quality

Ask your Skyguard Contractor for his or her recommendations on how the project should take place. In the long run, is it worth cutting corners for a temporary fix? The lowest bid is not always the best. Request a written description of the materials necessary for the job. A low bid may indicate that a contractor uses sub-par materials or is desperate for work. The more accurate bid is likely somewhere in the middle.

3. Know a contractor’s credentials

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Abbreviations behind your contractor’s name can represent certifications from national trade organizations. These indicate that the company belongs to certain organizations that bind them to a strict code of ethics. Such memberships, titles and abbreviations include certified graduate remodeler (CGR), certified aging in place specialist (CAPS), local Building Industry Association membership (BIA) and National Association of Home Builders membership (​NAHB​). Also, insist on hiring a ​licensed, bonded and insured contractor​. At Skyguard we fill all the qualifications and criteria listed above. This is a must. Otherwise, as the property owner you are liable if a member of the work crew gets injured on the job.

4. Get your home improvement contract in writing

Your contract should include: detailed time frames, the total cost, payment arrangements, your contractor’s license number, project description, names of parties involved and how to handle additional costs if necessary. Be cautious; if you are not given a timeline for the job to be completed, this may indicate the contractor has several current jobs and may not complete your job in a timely manner. Keep track of all-important information as well by keeping job-related ​documents; such as contracts​, payments and receipts in one place. Record key contact information for everyone working on your project. Skyguard will make sure all documents and contracts are descriptive in detail and we will be there to keep track with you from Step One until your home-project is complete.

5. Educate yourself about home improvement requirements

Know what permits are required and what regulations need to be followed for your should be responsible for applying for and acquiring all necessary permits. Don’t be passive! Ask Skyguard any question you need answered.

6. Be prepared for home renovation

• Review sample materials to make sure you are happy with them.

• Don’t forget to make space for the crew. Allow them to keep their supplies and equipment on site. The more organized and accessible these items are, the faster they will be able to do their work.

Try to avoid any potential loss. Remove any valuables or easily damaged items from the work site.

• Prevent dust accumulation by sealing the entry point with plastic sheeting and blue painter’s tape.

• Skyguard will implement your“go-to-guy.” Someone who is the key contact between the contractor and the family. This will help keep communication clean and clear to avoid confusion.

Skyguard cares about you and your family. Your home-improvement needs are important to us and our team. We Are definitely “No Uncle Buck In The Truck”..Skyguard G.C. will stand with your from start to finish.



During these difficult times, SkyGuard and our teams are still working to take care of your projects. At the same time, we are closely following all CDC and government recommended safety precautions and we want to let our clients know of the procedures we are undertaking to keep our staff and clients safe.