Create a Roof Maintenance Checklist for Your Home Now

As a Roofing Specialist, we at Skyguard Roofing and Siding strongly recommend including roof maintenance in your regular home maintenance checklist. By staying aware of your roof’s condition and fixing small problems before they escalate, you will improve the longevity, performance, and appearance of not just that one area but also other areas of the house as well!

A quality roof is an essential component to the longevity, performance, and appearance of any house – but this isn’t always obvious at first glance. When you’re considering all that goes into making up a residential structure from foundation through skylight detailings; nothing has more impact on how quickly things deteriorate than its covering: which means if we want our homes to the last longer then performing regular upkeep inspections and fixing minor issues before they escalate is crucial!

Looking for ways to save money on your monthly energy bills? Keep in mind that homeowners spend about $1,500 a year repairing roofs and paying property taxes. In fact, the average homeowner has at least one roof leak every 10 years!

As you can see from these findings, it is worth investing time and energy in roof maintenance so we don’t have to pay expensive fines or repair costs later down the line.

1. Check Your Shingles Regularly

Have you ever had a problem with your roof? If so, then it’s probably time to start checking up on it and making sure that everything is in order. I’ve already told you how important this can be for the safety of those inside the house, but what about when there are children outside playing around too! You need to make sure that they’re not getting hurt by anything from above them or else someone could get seriously injured.

Roof Maintenance can be difficult and time-consuming, but it is not impossible. There are ways to check your own house for problems including looking at missing shingles or cracked tiles with binoculars.

Here’s what I should look for when inspecting my own home:

  • Missing shingles 
  • Curling shingles 
  • Cracked shingles 
  • Peeling flashing

2. Do you have a leak in your attic or ceilings?

Another great tip for your roof maintenance checklist, if you have a leak on your roof is to start checking for water stains inside of your house. You should be inspecting the ceilings and attic just as regularly as the exterior of your home because any type of water damage will lead to serious issues in time. The most common warning signs that there’s been an issue are:

  • Mildew odors in certain rooms, 
  • Water stains on ceiling paint,

Also, Spots along outer walls from rain or sprinklers outside catching debris then soaking it off before landing here again; these spots may also indicate leaks coming through wiring holes near those locations too! Bulging patches between interior walls often signal leaking has caused plumbing lines under them which need immediate attention while we can still repair pipes without.

If you notice any of these signs, your next step is to locate the leak and call in a professional to patch up the hole in your roof.

3. Wash Your Roof

A key piece of advice when it comes to maintaining a shingle roof is to wash it. At some point, your roof will start to look dirty, with long dark streaks flowing from the peak down the eave or sidewall. 

This is algae growing on your home and while algae won’t cause any immediate damage if left alone for too long these little plant-like critters can slowly rot away at your shingles leaving you an ugly mess that may need replacing sooner than later.

To clean off this pesky green stuff (algae) spray 50% bleach mixed water on top of the house in question but be sure not get anywhere close enough where falling rain could also mix into as well – copper strips installed beneath just below, When it rains, copper molecules will stream down your roof. They’ll go on a killing spree of any algae that’s been waiting for the chance to make a comeback!

4. Clean Your Gutters

If you want to keep your roof in good shape, it’s important that the gutters don’t get clogged. That way water doesn’t seep under and create some nasty issues for both your home’s structure as well as those annoying stains on your wall from all that leaking rainwater. Experts recommend cleaning them out twice a year; once in late spring and again at the beginning of fall when experts usually say we should do our regular roof maintenance checklist anyways

5. Get a Professional Roof Inspection

You might be wondering why you should pay for a roofing inspection when you have our comprehensive and helpful list of tips right in front of your face. While the checklist is absolutely invaluable, an inspector will also spot potential problems that may not come to light otherwise as well as provide valuable advice on your roof maintenance.

They’ll also give you a rough estimate on how many more years it’s expected to last until repairs become necessary! Most contractors recommend inspections every two years but we think once yearly would make sure nothing slips through the cracks before they turn into costly fixes down the line.



During these difficult times, SkyGuard and our teams are still working to take care of your projects. At the same time, we are closely following all CDC and government recommended safety precautions and we want to let our clients know of the procedures we are undertaking to keep our staff and clients safe.