With our experience, we’ve come to know that a standard planning system is what brings results.


With our experience, we’ve come to know that a standard planning system is what brings results.

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Skyguard Roofing and Siding Process


Here at Skyguard, safety is our No1 priority. Our roofing techs are highly trained to complete each project safely, by following all OSHA safety procedures.

High-quality work

Our employees follow all manufacturer guidelines and code requirements during installation, they work hard to ensure each project that we complete is top quality.


Consistency is important to us. We properly plan the construction process on each job to ensure that the same high level of consistent excellence is achieved on every project.

Best products & technology

We have the utmost respect from leading manufacturers in the industry. All of our certified products are from the top manufacturers and suppliers, such as Owens Corning and GAF. We use the latest technology to ensure that we provide the most suited solution for your roofing and home improvement needs.

Customer service

Skyguard has a 100% satisfaction status for all of our projects. We believe in being straightforward with our customers and always providing you with the information you need for your roof design.

Industry standards

We follow the industry standards, manufacturer recommendations and governing code for each project that we undertake. Our projects go through a series of verification levels to guarantee that the best process is adopted.

Smooth communications

We keep you updated throughout the project execution phase. Our project managers stay in touch with you to bring you details and clarifications regarding your project.

Workmen checklists

As we take on each task, our roofers are required to review their work, by making sure that everything is installed safely and properly. Safety audits are conducted each day, for both personnel and the work-in-process.


We complete each project in a timely manner, because we know how important a roofing emergency can be.

Step-by-step process:

With our experience, we’ve come to know that a standard planning system is what brings results. Here is the dissection to our standard process:

Step 1

Prompt response by trained professionals.
As one of the most trusted roofing contractors in Louisville, Skyguard holds the fastest-response time. Whether you call us directly or visit our web page, we will reach out to you immediately.

Step 2

First inspection


The first step in our inspections are to examine the problematic areas and to evaluate the level of the emergency.


After the inspection, we document all the information that we have gathered during our evaluation and give you an overview on the problem analysis.


We set a time to meet with you to listen and discuss any questions you may have concerning your project. Project planning is also done in this stage. The planning stage includes- management plans, site-safety plans, shift plans, timeliness, quality, material plans and communications plans.


Skyguard helps to guide you in choosing the materials that are most suitable for your home and will work with you according to your budget.

Step 3

We streamline the contract process and/or insurance process to ensure our clients are obtaining the maximum value for their dollars and are taking full advantage of your benefits for all losses.

Step 4

Our skilled roofing technicians build/install with superior products and the latest technologies.

Step 5

We undertake regular inspections and audits of the work-in-progress. If any problem should arise, we work in collaboration with you to decide on a prudent solution.

Step 6

When a project is complete we do a thorough check to ensure the finished product has met all the requirements.

Step 7

Skyguard’s roofs come with an extended warranty to fully protect our customers for the future.

Step 8

Lifetime support!

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Greater Louisville neighbors, we have been made aware of telemarketing campaigns from an out-of-state company called Skyyguard calling local home owners about roofing services.

Please be assured this has nothing to do with your trusted local brand, SkyGuard Home.

We would never solicit you through unsolicited telemarketing.